Mum to be Massage

Massage is an important part of looking after your body during pregnancy. Swedish Massage techniques are used to release and revive your changing body. Depending on the stage of pregnancy you can be treated seated or in a side lying position. Massage can relax the tired muscles, which are overworking with the extra load you have to carry. As a pregnancy progresses the arch in your lower back becomes exaggerated, the head and neck come forward, the abdominal muscles become weaker and the load across your joints increases. The increased hormonal activity and weight gain of carrying your baby also put stresses on the body.

Massage improves circulation, reduces swelling, relieves muscle pain, joint pain and cramps naturally without the need for medication. It can also reduce stress and improve mood.

It is advisable to consult your doctor or midwife before booking a treatment.

Treatment is 45mins but allow an hour in total as this gives you plenty of time to change and have some water without rushing.

Treatment is £25 per session.

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