Are ‘Mum to be’ Massages Safe?

'mum to be' massage

A ‘Mum to be’ massage is safe after the first trimester of pregnancy. If you are concerned please contact your GP or midwife before booking a treatment.

All techniques use light pressure and avoid acupressure points.

The American Pregnancy Association has done extensive studies on pregnancy massage, and has shown amazing benefits in women who undergo massage therapy during pregnancy.  Women who get massages every two weeks during pregnancy show lowered levels of cortisol, a stress hormone, and higher levels of dopamine, a pleasure hormone.  These lowered stress hormones and increased dopamine levels help to keep the pregnancy free from depression and complications due to stress, such as preterm labour and swelling. ¹

Pregnant women massaged twice weekly for 5 weeks experienced less anxiety, leg and back pain. They reported better sleep and improved moods, and their labours had fewer complications, including less premature births. ²

A ‘Mum to be’ or Prenatal massage therapy can also facilitate ease of labour by preparing the muscles for release and support during childbirth. Massage therapy by a trained specialist can help the mother-to-be develop the sensory awareness necessary to birth more comfortably and actively.

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