Common Injuries that can be treated by Sports Massage

Common Injuries:

Runners knee

A common overuse condition.

The quadriceps muscles control the movement of the patella over the knee joint. If these muscles are regularly stressed due to excessive use the muscles become tight and pull the patella closer, than normal, to the knee joint grinding the patella over the joint.

If this is not treated it can cause damage to cartilage within the knee joint. An effective treatment is releasing tension in the quadriceps by deep tissue massage.

Tennis elbow

Common Injuries - Tennis Elbow

Tennis elbow is an overuse injury of the forearm. The injury occurs where the muscle becomes tendon on either the inside (medial) or outside (lateral) of the arm. Tears can be either minor or more severe. Rest and reducing inflammation are most important but sports massage can help to regain strength in the affected area, prevent excessive scar tissue and aid a quick recovery.

Achilles tendonitis

Common Injuries - Achilles tendonitis

Achilles tendonitis and can be caused by sudden stress or overuse. The tendon becomes inflamed which causes pain. However with this injury the pain eases with exercise. This is due to the tendon sheath surrounding the tendon warming up and expanding to accommodate the inflamed tendon. Rest and stretching exercises are the best treatment along with calf massage to reduce the tension on the tendon.

Strained muscles

Common Injuries - Strained muscles

Muscle strains are common injuries and usually occur when a muscle is stretched too fast. The muscle fibres actually separate or tear. Muscle strains often occur where the muscle becomes tendon to attach onto bone.

Weak or tired muscles are commonly affected. There are three types of strain:

Sports massage for common injuries can aid recovery time and prevent excess scar tissue once initial recovery has taken place.

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