Relaxation Massage

What is it?

A Relaxation Massage is the use of Swedish massage techniques to relax the body and mind. The main techniques used are effleurage, petrissage, friction and percussion.


is used to warm the skin, stimulate the circulation, aid the elimination of toxins from areas that have been worked and help regeneration of the skin.


is used to stretch the muscles improving their suppleness and elasticity, helps break down tension and stiffness in large muscles, it also stimulates circulation through the muscles.

Friction movements

are used to heat up the local area, improve circulation, promote lymph drainage, stimulate nerves and loosen tight muscles.


movements improve local and overall circulation, warms the skin and muscles, improves muscle tone, breaks up fat deposits and invigorates the nerves.

What conditions can be treated?

Many stress related symptoms can be relieved as can general aches and pains.

What to expect from a Relaxation Massage?

During the initial treatment a consultation form is required to be completed so that personal information and health information can be obtained before beginning.
Health information is important as there are some medical conditions that I am not allowed to treat.
If the client has any of the following conditions massage is not advised:

Some conditions require medical consent from a GP before treatment can be carried out, these are:

Some conditions must be locally avoided such as bruises, sun burn, varicose veins etc.

Once it is confirmed that Relaxation Massage treatment can take place, I will hold up a towel screening you, ask you to remove all clothes except underwear and lie on the table. I will then cover you with towels only revealing the section that I am working on (arm, leg back etc) so that you do not feel exposed. If you feel more comfortable you can wear a swimming costume (ladies) or shorts (men).